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Creative Consulting has a varied and dynamic team that helps produce results for the needs of our clients. We offer expert guidance on how to set up and grow a winning business that includes gaining valuable advice on many aspects of building and operating a business, including getting to market, launching a new product, and finding ways to grow. We can offer this expertise in spades. Additionally, a primary focus of Creative Consulting is helping our clients locate the funding needed to grow and expand their businesses, assist with writing stellar business plans, pitch decks, and financials if needed. Let’s discover together how we can help.

Meet Our Team

Barb HurstBarb Hurst

Barb Hurst is President and owner of Creative Consulting, LLC and has 35 years of varied work experience. Her work background is diverse and includes working as a real estate agent, mortgage loan officer, office manager, serial entrepreneur, and more. She loves entrepreneurship and has had her own various businesses over the past 25 years. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses to become more profitable, and is focusing on helping businesses locate and receive the funding needed to start and grow their businesses. Barb and her team work diligently to ensure all financials, pitch deck, and business plans are thorough, complete, and well-thought-out to ensure success. Barb completed a Two-Year Entrepreneurship certificate program from the University of Virginia/Darden School of Business in 2016 and is also a real estate paralegal.

Barb can be reached at or 703-624-3132.

SloanSloan Foster

Sloan is a seasoned business leader with over 20 years’ experience that blends creative and analytical talents with diverse experiences to help companies propel to the next level. Through Envisage Associates, she helps companies get to market, launch a new product and/or find ways to grow. Through her distinctive strengths, Sloan understands how to connect dots between marketing, sales and operations that no one else sees or will talk about. She attributes her success in business to building relationships with key people rather than just doing her job. Her background in product management, new market development, product pricing strategy, and corporate strategy enables her to help get companies where they want to go, faster.
She just finished her time as CEO and Cofounder of AutoThink where she led the company to rapidly develop a solution for the nascent pickup and drop-off market in Automotive. The new product was launched in November of 2019 and provided the first employee driver network enabling dealerships and service centers to provide PUD for their customers. Scaling to 4 states, the service enabled dealerships and service center to provide convenience while increasing the value of their repair order tickets by over 60%. AutoThink averaged 50% MoM growth and secured a 86% JD Power rating for customer service.

Sloan has served last 4 years as a mentor and teacher to the global start-up ecosystem in Founder Institute and Media Tech Ventures as well as on the Advisory Board for SXSWi.

Sloan can be reached at or 210-845-4141.

LouLou Soileau

With nearly 50 years of experience as an engineer, technical team leader, and engineering and operations manager with a major US oil company and as an independent entrepreneur, Lou has hands-on oil and gas experience in all areas of production, including Enhanced Oil Recovery methods, throughout the US including Alaska, and in the North Sea in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, the South China Sea, and Ecuador, S.A. With intimate knowledge of major project management, Lou is well-versed in economic evaluation and contract analysis. Lou has owned and operated oil and gas fields, analyzed and managed oil and gas investment opportunities, and provided operations and management consulting on numerous projects. Currently, Lou is actively evaluating heavy oil thermal projects in Colombia and primary and secondary development projects in Ecuador, as well as oil and gas investment opportunities in Louisiana and Texas. Minimizing cultural and environmental impact and seeking long-term innovative clean-energy solutions are hallmarks of Lou’s background and focus. Lou provides comprehensive project management and oversight in helping businesses apply for and receive funding in various industries over $5M. 

Lou can be reached at or 214-579-3279.

Matthew SoileauMatt Soileau

Matthew is the President and owner of B2B Services, LLC. For the past 18 years, Matthew has been developing, growing, and leading cross-functional teams domestically and internationally to improve organizational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and growth. Matthew started leading teams in a multitude of positions in the United States Army serving stateside and abroad. For the past 8 years, he has been refining these skills in heavy industrial construction and private equity by managing construction projects, logistics, supplier/vendor relationships, and process and procedure development. In Matthew’s 18 years of project management experience, he has helped companies, existing and startups, develop a clear path forward from which to grow and thrive. Matthew provides comprehensive project management and oversight in helping businesses apply for and receiving funding in various industries over $5M. Matthew holds a BBA in Finance from the Lowry Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University and an MBA from the College of Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Matthew can be reached at or at 210-400-1241.


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